Why Customer Service Matters


There are 4 basic ways to distinguish yourself in the marketplace; price, innovation, speed, or service. At Supreme Lending, we intentionally focus on speed and customer service as our value proposition. As inventory tightens in the real-estate marketplace, providing remarkable customer service is more and more important. In this brief presentation, you'll be able to highlight the importance of customer service, our remarkable CSAT scores, and how our real estate partners can protect their own reputation by working with Supreme Lending.

  • Timeliness: Non-urgent, but good discussion for sales meeting 
  • Expiration: 12/31/17, unless updated

Talking Points

  • Customer Service is the new marketing.
  • Customers with bad experience share their stories 2.5X as much as those with a good experience.
  • It's still worth the time to invest in customer service.

Slide Presentation



Example Video

This video is to provide you an example of how to use the slides to make your own presentation in your account. It has a :58 intro, then the whole presentation is 4:00.


Tai Anderson

Market Like A Rockstar!