Understanding Fannie Mae Changes


Fannie Mae has recently made 3 significant changes that will better allow you to help more home buyers. The following resources should allow you to lead a meaningful discussion that should serve as a good follow-up to either the rent-vs-own or Millennial presentations.

  • Timeliness: Non-urgent, but good discussion for sales meeting 
  • Expiration: 12/31/17, unless updated

Talking Points

  • Fannie Mae is now providing relief for home buyers when someone else is paying their student loan or other debt.
  • Previously, these debts counted against home buyer even though someone else is paying them.
  • 24% of student loan debt is now on a program to reduce the payments. (5 million consumers)
  • Previously these programs were ignored in calculating the debt. It’s now calculated on the lower level. This will help DTI ratios.
  • Maximum Allowable DTI has been raised from 45 to 50%


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CNBC's Diana Olick reports on the upcoming changes to mortgage underwriting that could help more people get loans. " 

A clip explaining Fannie Mae changes taken from a longer NAR piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4A_i--BpeKw

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