Personal & Professional BEST-March


Personal Finance


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Supreme Lending's Regional Operating Partner, Pat Flood, will be joined by Kien Taing, CPA. Kien is a Master Financial Coach with Ramsey Solutions. 

During their discussion, we'll all learn practical ways we can live free of debt and have lives of financial freedom.



5 Supreme SE $500 Winners

  1. Amy Harris

  2. Harry Apollon

  3. Tyler Smith

  4. Debbie McIntyre

  5. Troy Sucharitchant

Non-Supreme Winner ($500 to charity of your choice)

  • Art Harwood

5 counseling sessions with Kien Taing

  1. David Fox

  2. Lynda Savage

  3. Debbie McIntyre

  4. Lisa Dickson

  5. Eric Dahle

Tai Anderson

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