Health & Fitness: The Pat Flood Personal Fitness Program (PFPFP)

For our April 2017 Personal and Professional Best call, we focused on Health & Fitness. Often, discussing health and fitness in the workplace can be a sensitive subject. The last thing that we would want to do is make anyone feel any shame if they are not in their ideal zone for Health & Fitness. At the same time, it's an important subject to discuss that has direct implications on our work performance.

For our discussion, Pat balanced between the statistical realities of the costs of being out of shape as well as the benefits of living a life in our ideal health & fitness zones. The umbrella that covers all of our areas of emphasis is a desire for each of us to become better each and every day, striving toward becoming our Personal & Professional Best.

Listen to the full P&PB call below


Wherever you are in your health & fitness journey, it is not too late to purpose to get better today. You're worth it. Your life and career will be better as you strive to become your personal and professional best.

The winners of our Personal & Professional Best $500 drawings were:

  1. Scott Mackie
  2. Cale Iorg
  3. David Stanford
  4. Brian Souders
  5. Sonja Harwood

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